Thanks! But still only works  for screening in internet mode, not local mode.

Does not work.  <> MLP screens out  evertything. =MLP screens out nothing.  Using RW version 4.0.801. Can't make a screen on i504 work at all.


Thanks, your explanation resolves my question about CMNFY.  Where do I find the RW manual?  I don't seem to  have much documentation on RW backtesting.

Here is even more evidence that RW backtesting is extremely squirrely and unreliable Two simple screens are attached.  Functionally the screens should be identically equivalent  because  zero times any data quantity should be  zero, but...

Maybe I have missed some of RW's documentation on backtesting caveats.  Where would I find that?  There are problems  not just with low priced stocks,  as I pointed out in a previous post.  For example, although the price of CMNFY was...

Here is some more evidence just how buggy  RW backtesting  is:

With  just 1 stock selected in each period of a screen backtest  the following results are obtained:

                 Stock         ...

Attached is an extremely simple screen with truly unbelievable results.  In fact, the results of backtesting this screen are so astounding it makes me dubious that RW backtesting is reliable in general.  Users have very little recourse in...


I haven't yet made the tests you indicated, but I'll take your word for what you say about the same stocks being selected.  The only thing you  might want to consider is whether you know for sure whether some stock that did not...


"newest first"  as the selection  for ordering of posts in a thread does not seem to be working.   Please fix. Thanks.



The web site needs a lot of improvement to be useful.  I have figured out how to download the .und files: right click on the name and then clck on "save link as", etc.  I am using Firefox browser. 


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