Boy I'm going to have fun converting these SIPro screens.

By the way,  you can upload all the pdf files.  Need to use a simple work around.

Locate the file using your Windows Explorer.   Highlight the file or point to it.   Then...

Perhaps you can post an AAII screen you would like tested by the Community

Michael,  I've been trading for over 20 years.  Good post.  A more fundamental question, I've never been able to answer empirically - Is it better over time to use Market Orders or Limit Orders in an active trading portfolio.  Sometimes I choose to...

Can anyone tell me what changes were made by the most recent update - dated 3/15/2016 ?

Does anyone know of an easy way to get all of the other data items available in dbcmhist for specific stocks selected in a backtest by week?

I have isolated the best and worst stocks shown in the backtest detail by week.  Now I want to...

On the prior version of RW, I was able to change where the program looks for my saved screen files.  I can not figure out how to change the default setting in the newest version.

When I change the Local Directory, I get an error 76 message...


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