Has anyone compared the results of actual testing backtest screen results with buying the stocks in a virtual trading account for say 3 months and compared the results to see how much difference there is between the two?

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It depends on the how often the trades are made and the bid/ask spread on the stocks you buy.

Lets assume you do weekly trading, but do your buys and sells at around 11AM every Monday.

Backtesting uses the close price as of Friday and assumes that is the buy price, and the following week with weekly trading, uses the Friday close price as the sell price. If in reality, you make your trades on Monday at ~ 11 AM as I do, the backtesting will use a buy price that is different from your actual Monday AM buy price, and a sell price that is different from your Mon AM sell price. So it is really a slight out of phase difference between the Friday close and when you do your buys and sells, theoretically its a wash over time.

The bigger issue with frequent trading is bid/ask spreads associated with small cap, OTC, or infrequently traded stocks. You can lose a lot if the bid/ask spread is wide.

FYI, I  use FolioFn platform because it allows unlimited trades for $29 a month, which supports doing basket trades daily at 11 AM and 2 PM with automatic rebalancing of fractional shares to get to the portfolio and percentages you specify. I run RW on Sunday to get my list of stocks, and put those in for the Mon AM trading window and update it weekly. I will run a test to see how the backtesting compares to the actual returns I get using this method and try to remember to report that back to you. I have a filter on my screen that the price*volume (20 day avg trading vol) has to be greater than $500,000  so I don't pick thinly traded stocks by accident.

Some of the default screens are phony IMO because they include micro-cap stocks and you will NEVER get those levels of performance in real life because the bid/ask spread on micro-caps can be significant. Good luck with everything, hope this info helps

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