I'm trying out RW on a trial basis and have downloaded the program and found a couple of issues.

1. The screen view will not maximize and I cant find a way to open to a full screen, Suggestions?

2. "Tools" tab doesn't allow me to access the "Internet" vs. "DBCM"(local) option. Suggestions?

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at 12/22/17 8:25 PM : RE: Trial RW screen view

Welcome.  I have been using the program for about a year so I am still learning. 

1) I don't think that the screen will mazimize.  It has not been a problem though.

2)  You have 2 things going on.  Backtesting and scanning (Run Query).  I have done backtesting in both internet and local mode.  I don't know how many years of data are included in your trial but backtesting in local mode is far quicker.  You have to download the database to your computer and the backtesting is done there.  From experience, internet mode for backtesting can be incredibly slow.  For scanning (Run Query), I do use internet mode.


3) To jumpstart your trial, I would check under Download Software.  There are several reference manuals there.  Also don't miss the gem, Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies That Make Money.  The Section, Tips and Tricks, has detailed step-by-step reference material.

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