There is an entire strategy folder dedicated to Technical Analysis Strategies in the Reserach Wizard. Everything from looking for stocks with increasing price and volume to moving averages / crossovers and there are even a couple of screens that find stocks trading within symetrical triangle chart patterns. 

In order to get to these strategies in your Reserach Wizard:

Click Screen >> Open Screen Definition and you will see the strategy folders sorted by specific trading styles. Simply open the Technical Analysis Strategies folder to check out these powerful approaches.

Tip: If you don't see the strategy folders, re-download the Research Wizard and you will be running the most current version of the program which includes these folders.

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Go to  Across the top there are some buttons.  Move your mouse to the one that says "Screening".  Several options come up.  Go down to the option that says "Screening" and click on it.  A page comes up that has a section, "Screening Research and Tools".  The "Screen of the Week" is there.  If you want to see past screens, click on "More Screening Commentary".

The best advice that I have seen as to what screen to use is to follow several and go with the 1-2 working best in the current investing environment.  Institutions look for different things at different times. Several folks have said that what worked best started changing in about 2009-2010.  Some have received the book, Finding #1 Stocks.  I must have missed the special but was able to purchase a used copy at a discount.  However, it was written by Kevin Matras and covers what was working in 2000-2009.  The number 1 screen was Small Cap Growth which was going at 95% per year.  It is now about average.  I am still trying to see what screens to follow.  However, I like New Highs for one. 

I have been reading what folks wrote in the past.  Several said that the 1 week hold cannot be duplicated in the real world and cautioned against using it.  I have started using 2 week minimum and sometimes even 4 week.      

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