The home study course videos are very good.  A youthful looking Kevin does an excellent job. The time period looks to be about 2006. Just about any backtested screens, especially the "filtered zacks rank2" showed impressive gains (1600% from 2001-2006, I believe) I ran some of those screens for the period between 1/1/10 through 9/14/12 and the results weren't as impressive. Why this period of time? Because this is the period of time used in ads for the RW, especially emails. No problem. I present 2 screens with same backtest dates of 1/1/10-9/14/12, except I expanded the July 2012 date to the current period of 9/14. Both of these were inspired by the "momentum anomaly" and "value and spark". My goal was to create a successful trading strategy(ies) for the period described. It's working!  The Mother Cannon is rebalanced weekly and the value strategy is rebalanced every 4 weeks. I also decided to play around with the time period between 7/6/07-4/10/09, which wasn't a very pretty time in the market. I present a screen called "hard times" designed for a market headed south. Perhaps some of you with more savvy and experience can do much better. If you do please let me know. By the way, no shorting :(.