Where can I download the Mac version of RW? I will to install it on my Apple Macbook

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Early this year Kevin M personally promised me that there would be an iOs version of RW by late spring.   When this never happened I tried contacting him again and tech support and received no communication at all.  I have a macbook pro that I used Bootcamp to partition the hard drive and run windows on it.  Of course since it is windows it sucks.  I can never update my database for backtesting.  About once or twice a year if I work on it all day I can get it to update.  Thus I can't backtest using multiple strategies.  Tech support at RW is totally non existent so don't expect to get help from them.  The only time you can get help is when your subscription is up then you can talk to a live person because they want you to subcsribe again.  

I actually love using RW but unless they get a iOs version soon I'm done.

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