I am new to the RW Community.  It seems to be relatively inactive. Moreover, it is difficult to use. For example, the latest post is not listed at the top of the page, but rather the bottom, forcing one to page down many pages to find it.  Also, I have been unsuccessful in downloading .und files posted by other members. It seems that all that I get is  a file of html source code for the web page in question rather than  the .und file.   A new issue of "Tips and Tricks" supposedly is posted every other week, but I have yet to see any new ones posted.   Any one have any tips to make this site more user friendly?

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I seem to remember that being at 1 - 2 stock positon rebalanced weekly.  Whenever I have closely looked at the likely real execution costs for something like this the profitabity has gone completely or almost completely away.  This will be especially true for microcaps.  Need to see what the typical bid offer spread is along with the size on either side.  If you plan on trading more that what looks like the typical average size, figure on goosing up the bid/offer spread even more (~2x).  Also, need to compare the actual prices where might execute the following Monday.  To be conservative, I take the worst of either the Open or and avg OHLC.  I would set up a worksheet in Excel with the RW detail component output and then dump the daily OHLC data in from another source and have it calculate the differential for each week (52 weeks probably enough). Realistically, the problem with these one week strategies is they are usually driven by some combination of momentum / analyst action which tends to cause gap moves at the Monday open.  If the strategy survives this test, then the only way to really test for overfitting (or just a change in the market) is to track performance and define a trigger where you would cease activity based upon poor ongoing performance.  BTW, this is why you need a fairly smooth equity curve (specifically, I track the cumulative periodic excess return by downloading the output to Excel and monitoring that  -- remember that it is relative outperformance to SP500 that you are trying to get since you could just by the SPY and forget all this trouble otherwise).

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