I am new to the RW Community.  It seems to be relatively inactive. Moreover, it is difficult to use. For example, the latest post is not listed at the top of the page, but rather the bottom, forcing one to page down many pages to find it.  Also, I have been unsuccessful in downloading .und files posted by other members. It seems that all that I get is  a file of html source code for the web page in question rather than  the .und file.   A new issue of "Tips and Tricks" supposedly is posted every other week, but I have yet to see any new ones posted.   Any one have any tips to make this site more user friendly?

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Basically, I would consider Research Wizard to be an orphan product.  I continue to use it because it is adequate for what I am trying to do and I am, by this point, familiar with most of its significant limitations (e.g., index membership and security type are current values and not what they were at a given point in time, same screen run on different date version of local database is close but does not match, etc.).  If you are looking for anything but the most skeletal customer support, you should go elsewhere (e.g. Portfolio 123).  Since they haven't updated the main marketing presentation since the end of 2006, I am kind of surprised that RW is still offered.  I will probably renew for a year this coming November, but would not take them up on the "lifetime" offer.  Anyway, hope this helps.

As a side note, I only use the RW output as "generally indicative" of actual performance.  I would avoid anything high freqency (less than 12 week hold) that returns less than 15-20 stocks.

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