I am still in the "trial " phase of my RW expierience. Can anyone share their real world results using this tool?



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I have subscribed for over 2 years and YES, last year was an anomily.  All of the 13 strategies I follow every week were down in 2018 except for Big Money which is up only 5.2%. Worst is Big Money Zacks down 34.8%. It was better in 2017 when a couple strategies (New Highs and Small Cap were up almost 100%.  You get no support.  I advised them that they had price errors in 2017 - there was a drop from one week to the next when the strategy was up.  I proivded the charts but never got an answer.  So some data is questionable.

They also had told me that they would have a website upgrade - no change for 2 years!  I asked if they test each strategy weekly to see which is performing the best and they said NO.  So you are on your own.  I recommend running the backtest weekly (after Tues update for previous week) before you choose a strategy.  Weekly rebalancing worked all other years if you backtest check.

They have a good system - they just need to spend some time and money to upgrade it and advise subscribers what is performing and not...

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