I am still in the "trial " phase of my RW expierience. Can anyone share their real world results using this tool?



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FlyHigh at 05/14/19 7:42 AM : RE: real world results " I just start my trial phase of RW. I don't know much about it and have play around with the screens. Some of the results seen for backtesting seem too good to be true. I was told that the program cost $4995 for lifetime access. It is worth spending that much? And are the results real? And do they provide any support once to buy the pro..."

RCTexas at 01/09/19 10:28 AM : RE: real world results " I have subscribed for over 2 years and YES, last year was an anomily.  All of the 13 strategies I follow every week were down in 2018 except for Big Money which is up only 5.2%. Worst is Big Money Zacks down 34.8%. It was better in 2017 when a couple strategies (New Highs and Small Cap were up almost 100%.  You get no support.  I ad..."

Alain_H at 01/05/19 2:57 AM : RE: real world results " Hi boyd, 53% yield for the year 2018 with my screen coupled with a technical analysis algorithm. I hope better for 2019 ... Alain ..."

mba11 at 10/27/18 10:44 AM : RE: real world results " It takes a little time to get familiar with all the things you can do. The last 2 months have been grim for almost everyone. My suggestion to get started is to pull up the value method 1 screen from the SOW file and to play with that. For example you can select zacks = 1 rather than zacks <=2. You can also add a line which selects m..."

DonA at 10/25/18 10:56 PM : RE: real world results " I started in August and have lost over 10% going into this bad stock week. I have not been impressed. Don  ..."

deslim at 12/13/18 9:16 AM : RE: real world results " It was all sales pitch to get us to sign up the subscription. If I had not stopped the strategy recommended early, I would have made significant losses, not only in my capital amount but also the transaction costs. Do not expect any follow-up from the sales guy. Given the mountain of marketing emails sent, he's too busy converting lead..."

Stkelrey at 12/04/18 3:08 PM : RE: real world results " My results have been extremely poor.  I am following the models they suggest and I've trailed the S&P significantly.  They said they would communicate with me, never do.  I ask questions and get terrible responses. First time I had a double digit loss in one week I was told it was an anomaly, it has happened about six or seven t..."

Stkelrey - they have a guarantee of some kind when you show your trade papers to them. Did you ask them for a refund?

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