Would like to build a backtestable screen looking for moving average prices. Specifically,  to find when a growing 50 moving average is higher thaa a 200-day moving average ("bulish cross"). How can I build this screen?

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Okay, I figured it out pbanados,

Go to File>Open Database>DBDP-Historical Daily Prices

Press OK

Open Calculation Expression (Screen>Screen by Calculation Expression)

Using the Calculation Expression screen create the following:

[C] MovingMean50(i6) > MovingMean200(i6)

[C] MovingMean50(i6[Recent-1D]) < MovingMean200(i6[Recent-1D])

That should do it. Press OK to insert the into the screener.

Unfortunately, this is not back-testable because we are using Historical Daily Prices.  If you want it back-testable I understand you need to use DBCMHIST - Weekly Historical data.  Your moving means then would be for 10 weeks and 40 weeks.  However, this probably won't give you the exact day when the moving averages cross.

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