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I have found many circumstances when the value in the RW database is NA.  This does not make sense to me.  Each time I double check it, by comparison to others sources, there is clearly a consensus number available. 

See symbol PSS, THO, HAR, NP as recent examples.

Furthermore, sometimes the number is there, and then after I purchase the number is NA.  Makes my analysis difficult and not very efficient.

This also means that the database is causing my relative analysis to less than complete.

Can anyone help me?


So why doesn't RW have the number.

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I agree with your observation. I was told that it could be because of the differences between the databases we use for screening versus backtesting (DBCM vs DBCMHIST). The problem is that the program defaults to DBCM on opening the software. I tried the suggestion of using the right database (DBCMHIST in this case in building and testing strategies) and still the discrepency between the screener and the backtester persists. Strategies which look very good on backtesting do not work well in the real world. I supect one of the reasons for this is that the backtester puts only the appreciating stocks and somehow the losing stocks do not appear in the list when backtesting. I have decided not to use the program for trading until my suspicions are removed!

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