I have been trying to use VGM Style scores in some screens, but so far it doesn't appear that this can be backtested. Is anyone aware of a way to be able to backtest VGM Style rankings in RW? The style scores could be pretty useful, but less so if there is no way to backtest them. If the criteria were known, it seems that a calculation expression could be used to at least approximate the styles scores. Anyone tried anything like that?

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at 11/13/20 7:58 AM : RE: Backtesting VGM Styles

at 08/14/19 6:08 AM : RE: Backtesting VGM Styles

Dusty AZ
at 04/06/17 9:44 AM : RE: Backtesting VGM Styles

Wow this community does not appear to be very useful.  I have the exact same question and it is over two years ago this question was asked.  And NO response.  Seems like a very logical question, particularly since the website says use RW to backtest.  A bit misleading.  At least now in Aug 2019 the Style show up in the RW as selection criteria, but you still can't use them.

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