I've been a RW subscriber for about 2 months from January to March 2019.  I've noticed that while backtesting from 20-30 years to today seems to show a benefit to the program long term, the short term results of most of the strategies haven't outpaced the SP500 results lately, and in many cases fell well below the return.  When testing from Nov 1, 2018 to present, it's hard to find ANY that have shown to be superior to the SP500!  Which screeners have people found that will protect us from the inevitable market correction which will occur?  

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I do not trust the backtester. I have a simple screen, using an S&P 100 portfolio, and asking for the bottom (need bottom because Zacks 1 is better than Zacks 20)  Zack ranked stock. Regardless, when I backtest and view the results the Backtest Period Details are different from the Historial Report.

Now it could be that I don't understand the difference between the reports but given that the Performance Chart is based on the Backtest Period Details and the stocks that I would have chosen according to my screen are actually from the Historical Report I find it impossible to relyon results if a Porfolio is being used

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